How To Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman

Marta has always been a good wife. That is what her husband and every one she meets says to her. Lately Marta has been experiencing visions. Visions of events that Marta has no memory of. She is wondering if they are real. She decides to stop taking the medication that her husband is giving her. This is when Marta’s life changes forever.

This is one of those books that will leave you on a love/hate relationship with it. It will mess with your mind and maybe leaving you wanting more. I did have a love/hate relationship with this book. The reason is because while I liked the mind tricks this book played on me, especially when it came to who Marta really is. In addition to whether what was happening to her was real or just “a reality that her husband wanted her to believe.”

Ms. Chapman has done a good job with making me dislike Marta’s husband and family. They all seemed so clinical and cold. Thus I could not figure out why Marta stayed. I mean I understand staying because it is all Marta knows but her husband seems to want to keep Marta drugged up like “Valley of the Dolls.” How to be a Good Wife is a decent first book from new author, Emma Chapman.


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