Gem City Gypsy

Neci Stans is a gypsy. If you are a gypsy in Gem City than you might as well consider yourself a leper. This fact will not keept Neci down. She is determined to make something of herself. Besides she is already off to a great start. She has two guys wanting her.

I am not really sure about this book cover. Don't get me wrong as I don't usually let a book cover dictate if I will read a book or not. Same goes with an author. I don't care if the author is a best seller or a new author, all I care about is if the book is good. Reading the back cover about this book, I thought it sounded intriguing. Well it was different. Would have hoped for better but I do have to say that the author does know how to kept a story from being boring and making a fast read. I am not just saying this because the book is only 158 pages long either. The chapters are short but the pacing of the story kept moving. WHat would have made this book better for me was the characters, Neci's gypsy's abilities, and the ending. I found most of the characters not very likable. Than there was Neci's talent. It seemed like they were hardly show cased. Finally the ending just stopped.


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