Morgan Kane: Without Mercy draws with both guns a blaze.

Morgan Kane is a Texas ranger. He is also a gambler. However for him it is more about the game than it is about the money. Good thing as Kane loses ten thousand dollars in three minutes...ouch. Kane does not realize that it is part of a set up. Kane gets on the train to go to the next location. It is on the train that Kane meets the lovely Allison. Kane and Allison go outside on the platform to get some air and get more familiar with each other when suddenly Kane is surrounded by several men. Kane's shooter hand is blasted with a bullet and he is shot again and tossed from the train. Kane awakes to find himself alive. He vows revenge. Boy will he get his revenge.

I love a good western. Cowboys have a special place in my heart. Texas Rangers are tough, make good characters and kick ass. I can remember watching Chuck Norris as Texas Ranger. To me honest if I had not been contacted to review this book, I would not have ever known about it. This would have been a shame. While there is predictability in the story, I still had a enjoyable time reading this book. Most of the characters are not very memorable but that is ok because it was Kane that really made this book a good time for me. He is someone I picture when I think of westerns. He is kind of like a legend. You have heard of him but you are not really sure if he exists. He hangs around just long enough to get the job done and leave. The love interest in this book was not up to par. I found her weak. this book is a fast, paced, read. After reading this book, I am interested to see the movie version. Hopefully it will be good. Morgan Kane: Without Mercy draws with both guns a blaze.


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