Sweet Dreams by Lisa Maliga is a fun, quirky book. + Giveaway

Brenda June Nevins is author of the Yolanda's Yummery Book Series. She is engaged to Warren Laurence Stillman. Thanks to her blog and the many reviewers, her books are selling like hot cakes. You know you have made it big when your book has been selected for a television series. Before Brenda can focus on the new series, she has a big problem. Her upcoming fifth book has suddenly turned into a sci-fi. It is about aliens from the Planet Ho. Brenda must find out who is sending this script and pawning it off as Brenda before her career is ruined.

Sweet Dreams by Lisa Maliga is a fun, quirky book. I would call this book more of a light comedic story with a hint of romance and sweet treats.

In the beginning I found Brenda's talking about herself charming. However as the story progressed and Brenda still kept commenting on herself, I started to get annoyed and turned off. I than found her self-centered. For example "My hair was behaving itself and it would behave even more if I put it into a sophisticated braided bun so that it wouldn't fly around with my BMW convertible's top down."

Although I do have to admit that the parts from the sci-fi book were funny. Using the words "root organ and drilling in the secret area". Of did I forget to mention that the sci-fi is an erotic sci-fi. Also I liked the words of wisdom that was included at the beginning of each chapter from Brenda herself. Like "Take screen shots of your #1 bestseller so that it will remain there longer."

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I have a electronic copy of this book to giveaway to 1 lucky reader. Leave me your email address and a winner will be chosen October 5th.


Anonymous said…
This sounds cute. I read a lot of cozy mysteries with a touch of romance, it might be fun to try a romance with a dash of suspense.
-Dilettantish Reader
notesfromnadir said…
Thanks so much, Belle Read. By the way, I had lots of fun writing the book [and photographing the cover]!

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