The Woman Who Heard Color is a wonderful, memorizing story

Lauren O’Farrell tracks down priceless art work. Pieces that were thought to be lost and acquired illegally. Lauren’s latest job has led her to the house of Mrs. Isabella Fletcher. Supposedly, Isabella’s mother, Hanna collaborated with the Nazis. Lauren comes with the pretense that she was doing some investigating for a liability suit. Of course, now that Lauren has been invited into the home, she must think of a way to approach Mrs. Fletcher on the real reason she is there. Before she can, Isabella surprises her. She tells Lauren that she knows why she has arrived. It is about the “Kandinsky”. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter. He is credited with painting the first purely-abstract art work. Isabella informs Lauren that it is about time that she shares the true story.

The Woman Who Heard Color is a wonderful, memorizing story. Reading this book was like a painting coming to life. Mrs. Jones made me interested to learn more about art and history. The past was the main focus of this story and it showed as not much time was spent in the present. I did not experience Lauren’s “art detecting” skills in this book. This was a bit of a bummer. I wanted to see how she came by to be called the “Art Detective”. Though, I can forgive Mrs. Jones for not expanding on Lauren’s skills some as I loved Hanna. Hanna was such a curious woman, who was not afraid to live. Yes, Adolf Hitler did appear in this book. This was before he became the dictator that he was. Hitler is portrayed as a young man, who shares his love of nice artwork. I looked up Kandinsky and saw some of his work and I could see why Hanna was in love with his art. It was full of color.


Anonymous said…
This sounds like an wonderful book. I even love the title.
Cheryl said…
I know the cover is great

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