The Christmas Cookie Club is the perfect Christmas gift!

It is that time of year again. Time for Marnie’s annual Christmas Cookie Club. There are eight rules but the most important one is number 7. Which states: It’s always on the first Monday in December (referencing to the annual Christmas Cookie Club). Put it on your calendar and count on it.

There are several new ladies joining the group this year. Marnie can not wait to visit with her friends, share memories, eat food, and of course munching on cookies. The only thing that would make this day perfect is hearing from Marnie’s older, daughter Sky and her having good news. Sky and her husband have been trying to have a child. Sky has had several miscarriages. She is currently four months pregnant and hopefully this time, she will have her baby.

Each woman had a good story to tell. I could see the strong, bond that Marnie and the rest of the ladies from the club had. They knew almost all of each other’s secrets; they have been there during life, death, marriage and divorce. I have to admit that I did like Marnie. She was the glue that held every one together. Plus, I loved that she was known as the “head cookie bitch”.

The Christmas Cookie Club is the perfect Christmas gift. Besides being a fun read, it has yummy recipes and I learned some things about the origin of some of the ingredients like butter, ginger, almonds and wheat to name a few. All that is left to do is wrap this book up and stick a bow on it and you will score a Big “Thank you”.


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