Judy McFarland works as a kindergarten teacher at Waldorf School. Judy is currently working on organizing the school’s Christmas bazaar. Judy receives some extra pair of hands. One of her son’s friends needs some extra credit and his mom has volunteered him. His name is Zach Patterson. He is sixteen. At first Judy thought Zach was an impolite boy. Surely not someone that Judy would ever think about having an affair with. Though as time passes and Judy’s husband is occupied with obtaining his PhD, Judy feels neglected.

The relationship between Judy and Zach sounded like the relationship that I imagine Mary Kay Letourneau and Vivi had. Only, Judy did not marry Zach. I could not feel sorry for Judy. Which to me is a good thing, as it would mean that I forgave Judy for her actions. The only thing that I felt sorry for when it came to Judy is that she was weak. She gave in to her impluses and did not care who got hurt or used in the process. When it came to Judy and Zach, the sex scenes were mild. This is another plus, if the scenes had been any hotter than I may have stopped reading this book. The parts that I could not get into were the ones that flashed back to Judy and her childhood in Germany. I have to say that this book is definetly a conversation novel.

Excerpt from book

"You didn't change yours."

"I was just buying some time."

He beat an edgy rhythm with his palms against the leather. "You want it or not? Because

I really do have a ton of homework, and it's getting late."

I cringed. "Don't say it like that. It sounds awful that way."

"Is that a no?"

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