The Botticelli Affair

Review by Nancy
In the world of art forgery Laila Cambridge was Queen. Her artwork seemed to come from the original artist (and, actually did, kind of) and NO ONE who didn’t know could tell hers from the original one. They sold for millions.

A part-time tour guide she takes groups through the Met now and throws her own comments in as well. A man she had met the evening before comes there and mentions he knows her father. Wait – KNOWS! The man has been missing for over 5 years! John Bolingbroke knows that, he also knows he promised the man that he would protect Laila.

Protecting is a lot harder when you fall for your charge. It’s also harder when she falls back. They are charged with finding a painting by Botticelli and Da Vinci called Coming Forth by Day. Quite a few people (and other things) are interested in this painting as it supposedly shows a cure for vampirism.

Laila, John, roomie Fern and many more join in the hunt for the painting. It turns out that not only is is wanted but people very close to Laila have seen it but never bothered to mention, of course. John is much more than a besotted guardian and has a lot more at stake than Laila knows.

What a tale! I loved this, nearly missed a class to finish it and, if your love art, vampires, great plots and characters this is the one for you. It’s perfect to start off your Fall reading.


Anonymous said…
I love the combination of art and the paranormal. And I'm a little curious how she does such fantastic forgeries.

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