Thawed Out and Fed Up

Sam Bonham is a drunk. He awakes to find himself outside of Rack ‘Em Up. The problem is that Sam has awakened from many hangovers but this time it is different. He has not recollection of how he got here. Also, Sam has blood on his shirt but he does not know if it is his. While finishing up his meal at the diner, two police officers come in and start talking about a murder case. The man was found on Shady Glen Road. The same road that Sam’s wife and son live on.

Sam knows he needs to get out of dodge until he can regain his memories back. So he heads West. Sam comes upon a plan crash. There he finds a survivor. Before the guy dies, he tells Sam that he must bring him back. There in the crash site is a large cooler. Sam opens it and that is when the fun really brings. Inside the cooler is none other than…John “The Duke” Wayne.

I can still remember reading Mr. Brown’s debut novel, Play Dead. That is why when I saw that his next book had come out; I could not wait to read it. A western that involves a reanimated John Wayne. Yeah, I am all in. Unfortunately, this book did not do it for me. I really tried to like this book but could not get myself to find anything that interesting in the main character, Sam. So, here is a man who left his wife and son and than later decides that he wants another chance with them and will do anything to be a hero in his son’s eyes. Sam did not do it for me as a hero. Also, I knew this book was not supposed to be taken seriously but in a way I wanted it to feel more believable. The Duke will always remain a legend. Mr. Brown did score well in this area. He captured and portrayed The Duke’s attitude and persona spot on. This book is not a favorite of mine but I do know what Mr. Brown is capable of and I will keep my eye out for his third book.


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