Targets of Opportunity is a dandy!

Review by Nancy
Jordan Sandor is a man’s man. He takes no prisoner’s in his world of spies, terrorists and idiot Bureaucrats. Which is why, when one of the highest in Middle East terrorism defects; Jordan is sent into see what’s up. Lots as it turns out.

Plane crashes, forts exploding and Sandor’s men held captive in North Korea. Plutonium in the Gulf. Oil refineries threatened and Jordan is in the middle of it all.

Targets of Opportunity is a dandy! Mr. Stephens is right up there with Tom Clancy and Jorden Sandor may well rank as the next Jack Ryan. This is book #2 in the Jordan Sandor series and I’m off to buy book #1 now. Keep up the good work Mr. Stephens – we all need heroes!


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