The Elephant’s Footprint is a trail filled with deception, mystery, and romance!

A tour guide for the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa finds a young woman’s body. She has been mutilated. Her name is Kosigo and she is the daughter of a rich family and known as the Rain Goddess.

Linda Van Wyk has traveled to Rustenburg, her home town for a visit. While in Rustenburg, Linda bumps into an old friend. It is Chief Detective Inspector Arnie Swart. Arnie has a lot of pressure to solve the death of Kosigo, so when Linda offers to assist, now that she is a legal licensed private investigator, Arnie accepts. The police determine that Kosigo’s death was an unfortunate one due to a rogue elephant and close the case. Linda believes that the police have it wrong and that Kosigo’s death was an act of man and not animal. The police do not want to listen what with the upcoming World Cup. Linda won’t rest until she solves Kosigo’s murder. Luckily for Linda, she won’t have to do it alone. She is joined by George. George works as an archaeologist.

It was nice to see Linda again. I first met Linda in Scent of Oranges. Though, Linda is a reoccurring character and this series is based around her, The Elephant’s Footprint can be read as a stand alone novel. I absolutely love that these books are set in South Africa. Mrs. Zawatzky’s extensive knowledge of living in South Africa shows as I am instantly transport and it is like I can feel the dirt beneath my feet and the sun beating down on me.

It was nice to see Linda mature in this book. She and George made a nice couple. George is a sweetheart and a gentleman. What I like is that the romance was not overpowering and took away from the mystery and intrigue of the story. The resources that Linda uses to help her with her investigation are not always conventional but this is what makes this book new and intriguing. The Elephant’s Footprint is a trail filled with deception, mystery, and romance!


Man of la Book said…
Sounds like an excellent book. I've read several African books and have to say that I enjoyed all of them.

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