Bonjour 40 - A Paris travel log (40 years, 40 days, 40 seconds)

Bonjour 40 is the end product of author, Karen A. Chase’s trip to Paris. She spent forty days visiting everything and doing everything there was to do and see in Paris. This is because someone asked Karen what she was going to do for her upcoming forthwith birthday. This was asking only after Karen had just had her thirty-ninth’s birthday. Karen had a whole year to plan and save for her trip to Paris. I am jealous that Karen spent forty days in Paris. Now, this is what I call really celebrating your fortieth birthday. The picture of Karen when she was only fourteen-months old, sitting on a chair playing on the typewriter was precious. The picture of the Eiffel Tower through the Wall of Peace was great. Also the macaroon photo had my mouth watering. I have eaten these before but never the fresh, French kind. Guess, I will have to go to Paris one day myself to eat one.

This book is set up to read like a journal. Each chapter is marked by Day 1, 2 and date versus an actual chapter number. Due to Karen’s excitement with visiting Paris and all the sites, it was like I was there with her. This book is short at only one hundred and thirty four pages and is a quick read. Though, I still would have read this book in a short amount of time had it been longer due to the fact that I enjoyed having Karen as my tour guide. She is a skilled photographer. I wish you could see her work…wait you can on her website or her facebook page!

I did want to share some of the things that Karen learned being in Paris.

• Naps on the grass are essential to well-being.
• Walk more. Bike more.
• Laugh like the English.
• Kiss like the French.
• Sharing a scene is better than stealing it.

Karen A. Chase is a writer, designer, photographer, and traveler. Born in Canada, she has lived in the United States
since 1990. After more than ten years as a professional graphic designer and copywriter, she began her own branding and design studio in 2004. While building her
company, she branched into a secondary career as a freelance writer of historical fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, writing for online magazines like HOW Design and as a guest columnist for The Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper. Bonjour 40 is her first book. She and her partner, Ted, live in Virginia with their two cats.


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