When Blood Calls....You will want some!

Sara Constantine is an attorney. She has just been recruited to Division 6, otherwise known as Preternatural Enforcement Coalition. Division 6 handles your abnormal cases. Working for Division 6 can be hazardous to you health. Especially when you are dealing with demons, werewolves, vampires, and other creatures.

Sara’s first case is prosecuting a murder. This guy killed a retired Judge, who was one of Division 6’s own. When Sara gets a look at the killer, she is dumbstruck. It’s someone she never expected to see in her wildest dreams. Meanwhile, Sara can’t keep her hands of her sexy boyfriend, Lucius “Luke” Dragos. Though, how will Sara react when she discovers the truth about Luke?

So like the Twilight series was so last year. This year the hottest book is When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck. J. K. Beck is the pen name for best selling author, Julie Kenner. I really like this new darker, edgier side of Mrs. Kenner. When Blood Calls is so sinfully dark and delicious like…dark chocolate and strawberries. You just want to savor every moment of this book. The desire and passion between Luke and Sara was steaming. They usually let their hormones rule when it came to one another. So they would just go for it and they did, every time. This book had some surprises. You could never really relay on the fact that the bad guys were the bad guys and the good guys were the good guys. I liked this. Both paranormal and urban fans everywhere will fall in love with this series. When Blood Calls… You will want some!


Julie Kenner said…
Thanks, Cheryl! I'm so glad you enjoyed!

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