Let's get Waxed!

Sisters, Carolina, Anna and Sofia run and work one of New York’s best waxing salons, Impresario. These sisters are close but then again you have to be if you are bonding over helping maintain women’s private spot.

Carolina is the owner of Impresario as well as oldest sister. She is a successful business woman. She has just as a successful boyfriend named Ron. Carolina starts to feel like she is missing something. When an old flame walks back into Carolina’s life, she must choose between her current life or a brand new start with Jack.

Anna is a single mother. She is trying to adjust to work and family life. It isn’t easy sometimes when you have throw up on your business suit to act and look professional. Anna scores an exclusive client. Her name is JJ Powers. Anna quickly forms a bond with JJ and develops feelings for JJ’s attorney, Tim.

Sofia is the youngest sister. She is a wild child. Sofia loves the nightlife. She finds a bosom buddy in Dennis, one of her clients. Dennis is gay. Gay guys really know how to party and have fun. Sofia and Dennis are having a good time. There is just one person who does not approve…Sofia’s boyfriend.

Waxed is the second book from author, Robert Rave. I thought his first novel, Spin was funny but Waxed is off the charts hilarious. Just when I didn’t think it could get any funnier, Carolina, Anna or Sofia would do or say something that would have me smiling and laughing again. I thought hair salons and the gossip there was crazy but it is nothing compared to Impresario. Vegas is not the only place where secrets should remain just that…secrets. JJ Powers may be an old woman but she can still teach these women a few things. I am Raving for Waxed!


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