What We Have...

What We Have is a memoir about author, Amy Boesky and growing up and having every waking moment focused on if this is the day she would be diagnosed with cancer? This is a survivor story but as Mrs. Boesky explains not in the sense that she is a cancer survivor but a “previvor”. A previvor is someone who doesn’t have cancer but has an elevated risk for having it, either through a family history or by diagnosis with a genetic mutation. Being a previvor I think is almost worse then having cancer. The thought of always wondering would drive me crazy.

I liked this book. I enjoyed traveling down memory lane with Amy was fun. It is always nice to learn where an author came from and what inspired them. I got all this from this book and more. Amy lived her life to the fullest, never really letting the doubts of cancer over shadow her, even when she gave birth to her daughter. Amy was the only one I felt a connection with as this book was told by her words. Overall, I liked this book but I won’t say I was in love with it. What We Have does make you appreciate what you have and for living in the moment. What you have is a pretty fine novel on your hands.


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