She is the Talk of the Town!

Tony Garrett is the host of a late night television show called One on One. He is known as being very brutal. When Tony’s guest is a no show, he is told by his producers that they have found him a last minute replacement. His guest is Sam McCall. Tony receives an unexpected surprise when Sam walks out.

Samantha “Sam” McCall is a mystery author. Her latest book is titled Murder in Paradise. Sam heard every word that Tony said about her and her book, slamming them. When Sam walked out even she was taken back by her actions. She smacks Tony across the jaw.

The next day, Sam is the talk of the town and her book is selling like hot cakes. Now the heat is on. Tony is in the hot seat. Can he convince Sam to give him a second chance?

Talk of the Town is a book you will be talking about to all your reader friends. This is a fun, light hearted read. The fact that Sam and Tony started out as mortal enemies and then became an item was enough to keep things interesting. I like that Sam did not take any crap from Tony. She put him in his place a few times. I didn’t like Tony at first. I thought he was egotistical but once I got to know him better, I warmed up to him. If you ware looking for something quick to read to escape your boring routine then you should check out Talk of the Town. You won’t be sorry you did. I plan to seek out more books by Lucille Naroian.


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