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American Golfer, despondent over the death of his young daughter and the breakup of his marriage, goes to Ireland for a much-needed rest and change of pace. A six-time winner on the PGA Tour, Charlie Kingston visits the village where his great-grandmother spent her entire life planning to spend quiet afternoons searching for her grave.

His stay in Castlebantry doesn't go according to plan. Invited to play golf at a grand estate owned by a wealthy Britisher, Charlie meets a beautiful Irish woman on the course, the owner's wife. He falls deeply in love with her. In addition, Charlie becomes involved with a local family-wife, husband, two children-in the midst of a domestic upheaval; and he is drawn into the world of Anglo-Irish politics at a pivotal time in the history of Ireland, the signing of the 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement. Three months into his stay, Charlie unexpectedly finds his great-grandmother's grave, and much about his heritage comes fully to light. Charlie Kingston's mainstream conservative mindset and his perception of what's important in life are challenged and ultimately changed.

Of Robinson's previously novels, the last two have golf backdrops. A Kirkus review called The Member-Guest, set on Long Island's posh south shore, "nothing less than a contem­­porary horror story set against the backdrop of the American dream:" Author Edward Falco termed it "the consummate golf novel." With superb knowledge of the game he has played all his life and the insights of the novelist, Anthony Robinson now gives us The American Golfer.

About the book:

The American Golfer by Anthony Robinson

ISBN: 978-1439269701

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of publish: June 9, 2010

Pages: 268

S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author:

Anthony Robinson, author of six novels, graduated from Andover and has two degrees from Columbia. Retired after thirty-four years on the English faculty at SUNY New Paltz, he is currently at work on a novel about growing up in the Maverick Art Colony in Woodstock, N.Y. He lives with his wife Tatiana in New Paltz and New York City.

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