Red Star Rising

A body has been located on the grounds of the British embassy. M15 agent, Charlie Muffin has been sent from London to investigate. It appears at first that the murder was gang related. Though, the deeper Charlie digs, he uncovers something that someone wants desperately to keep hidden. Charlie will have to watch his back or he will be the next dead body. As if Charlie doesn’t already have enough on his place, Charlie ends up reconnecting with his wife Natalia and their daughter, Sasha. Natalia works for the Russia FSB intelligence service. There is one thing you can guarantee about Charlie…He is the right man for the job.

Red Star Rising is my first introduction to author, Brian Freemantle. After reading this book, I can’t believe I haven’t tried him sooner. I really like this type of genre of books…international spy thriller. Charlie Muffin is the perfect agent. He is good at his job. He is very precise and asks the questions that no one else wants to ask. While I was reading this book, it was like I was walking in Charlie’s shoes and seeing and experiencing everything that he did at that present moment. The only issue I had with this book was that I didn’t always feel that the other characters were as evenly matched to Charlie. I could though easily see this book being turning into a movie on the big screens. Red Star Rising rises to Silver status in my books.


Man of la Books said…
Ooh, sounds like my type of book. Thanks for the heads up.

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