Chatting it up with author, Carolyn Brown

I want to present to you all my interview with author, Carolyn Brown. If you have not read her books yet, then you are missing out. You don't want to miss out, so try her books today. I have enjoyed everyone of her books.

I want to thank you for allowing me this interview.
The pleasure is all mine, Cheryl! I’m tickled to be here today to answer questions. I’m so excited about the whole Honky Tonk series. Hell, Yeah, the second book in the series hit the bookshelves early this month and My Give A Damn’s Busted will be out in October and then the final installment in the series, Honky Tonk Christmas, in November.

Can you please share a little about yourself with the readers?

Personal: I’ve been married 44 years to a wonderful man who understands that living with a writer has its own special challenges. We have a son and two daughters, all grown, married and with children of their own. Enough grandkids to keep us young forever, ranging from twenty-two all the way down to two years old. I was 17 when I married the aforementioned tolerate man. He was one hundred percent refined Yankee from Pennsylvania and I am one hundred ten percent loud mouthed Rebel from Texas and Oklahoma. Our children are half-breeds, bless their hearts!

Professional: I sold two books in one day back in 1997 and since then have sold a total of 55 books. They’ve been republished in large print, book clubs, and translated into nine foreign languages. They’ve had wonderful reivews in Booklist, Library Journal, Romantic Times, Publishers Weekly, Affaire de Coeur and dozens of other great places including this blog site. The Honky Tonk books will be featured in People Country Special magazine in October and are offered on Rhapsody and Doubleday book clubs.

Do you have any type of routine?

I like to write in the morning but if I’m in the middle of a hot scene or if an idea hits me in the afternoon then the laundry can wait and Husband (remember what I said in question one) doesn’t mind fast food for supper. And he’s a pro at laundry and vacuuming when I can’t take my eyes from the computer screen.

Do you like the peace and quiet when you are writing or do you have to have noise like music?

I listen to country music while I write. My favorite is Floyd Cramer’s slow piano music but sometimes I just listen to whatever is playing on KKAJ, my favorite local country music radio station. If I hit a writing snag riding fifty miles in the pickup truck and listening to country music radio sets me right back on track.

I read in your bio that your reading and writing was always a passion of yours. What type of stories did you used to write when you were little?

Oh, my! I liked writing shocking stories of people stranded out on the road and all the night noises and fearful things that scared the bejesus out of them. Then I found my mother’s “love” magazines hiding in her third dresser drawer under her lingerie and it was happy ever after from then on.

For anyone who has not read the Honky Tonk series, how would you describe it?

One hot honky tonk. Four sassy barmaids determined to never leave the Tonk. Four sexy cowboys who changed their minds.

Do you have a favorite book or character in this series?

I loved all the books in the Honky Tonk series. It’s a series I’ve had on the back burner for many years and I’m grateful Sourcebooks Editor, Deb Werksman worked with me on it. They all had their own personalities and quirks, so I’m not sure I could pick anyone of them as a favorite.

Share a bit about Hell, Yeah, the latest book in this series?

Hell, Yeah is the story of Cathy, the sassy barmaid who isn’t one bit interested in a relationship. She’s much too busy putting down roots in the Honky Tonk. And Travis, the sexy cowboy, who’s isn’t one bit interested in a relationship. He’s too busy trying to get through the job in Mingus so he can spread his wings and fly away to Alaska to his dream job. Toss in a bunch of quirky bar characters and Mingus citizens to keep things stirred up and pretty soon neither Cathy nor Travis are so sure about their roots or their wings.

I saw that you have a new series, Angels and Outlaws coming out in December. What can fans look forward to in your new series?

Angels & Outlaws is my Avalon historical series so it’s a lot milder written than my cowboy books. It’s the story of three sisters. Their father, Captain Lavalle, knew the fight at the Alamo was going to be dangerous so he commissioned three outlaws, who were in the San Antonio jail, to take his daughters home to Louisiana on their way to Mississippi. The outlaws thought he meant sisters as in nuns. Imagine their surprise when they found out a week into the journey that the Lavalle sisters were anything but nuns and could outshoot and outride them all. From Wine to Water will debut that series in December.

Any last words for the readers?

If you enjoy reading the Honky Tonk series as much as I did writing them, then keep your hats on and your spurs polished because there’s a new series in the works for 2011 called Spikes & Spurs. It’s about girls who traded their spike heels for cowboy boots and their business suits for tight fittin’ jeans and the hunky cowboys who made it all worthwhile.

Thank you again. It was fun. I love your books.

Thank you for letting me stop by your site today. It’s been a pleasure to sit down and have a visit before I’m off to Wichita Falls, Texas for a book signing on Saturday. Anyone in that area can stop by Hastings after 1:00 for a visit. I’d love to see you.


She’s finally found a place that feels like home…
When Cathy O’Dell buys the Honky Tonk, the nights of cowboys and country tunes come together to create the home she’s always wanted. Then in walks a ruggedly handsome oil man who tempts her to trade in the happiness she’s found at the Honky Tonk for a life on the road with him…

He lives the good life…
Gorgeous and rich, Travis Henry travels the country unearthing oil wells and then moving on. Then the beautiful blue-eyed new owner of the Honky Tonk beer joint becomes his best friend and so much more. When his job is done in Texas, how is he ever going to hit the road without her?

Carolyn Brown, an award-winning author who has published 36 romance novels for the library market, credits her eclectic family for her humor and writing ideas. She was born in Texas but grew up in southern Oklahoma where she and her husband, Charles, a retired English teacher, now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.


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