Watch out for the Spider's Bite

Gin is the Spider, a very deadly assassin with elemental magical powers. There are four different types of elementals…ice, stone, air and fire. Gin controls stone. Gin gets her targets from her friend, Fletcher Lane. Fletcher is the go between for Gin. He is kind of like a receptionist. He schedules the clients and collects the money. Fletcher has scored a big hit with Gin’s next target.

This mission is to eliminate Gordon Giles, an air elemental. Gordon has pissed off someone very bad in order for them to be willing to pay one million dollars to kill him. Things don’t go as planned. Someone has set Gin up.

Detective Donovan Caine has vengeance on his radar. His partner was killed. Detective Caine would like nothing better than to take down his partner’s killer. Detective Caine is hot on Gin’s trail. Can Gin trust Detective Caine to help her bring down the person who set her up or is Gin on her own?

I first discovered Ms. Estep when I read Bigtime. The third book in the Bigtime series about superheroes. I enjoyed that book so much, I went out and purchased the prior two novels. When I heard that Ms. Estep’s next series was going to be more urban than paranormal, I couldn’t wait to check the books out. Spider’s Bite has surpassed all my expectations. It was dark, edgy, and addicting. Gin is a true heroine. She can kick some serious butt. This book should come with a warning…”You will lose track of time, reading this book”. I can’t wait to take a bite out of Web of Lies, the next book in this series.


Becky LeJeune said…
Ooh, going on the To Buy list!
I love this type of protagonist! Sounds like fun!
Cheryl said…
In seeing everyone's taste in books. I would agree that you all will enjoy this book and series.

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