The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey

For anyone who has ever had a job where you have to deal with customers then you will relate to the everything in this book. Barbara Burke is an internationally known consultant, speaker, and author who specializes in the “people side” of customer service management. In the Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey, Barbara shares her tips for how to deal with customer service situations without losing your cool.

Here are just a few of Barbara’s helpful tips:

AHA! #1 - I will always have problems

AHA! #2 – It’s not about me

AHA! #3 – Problems can be gifts in disguise

AHA! #4 –Just sit there. Do Nothing

AHA! #5- There is no such thing as a difficult situation

AHA! #6- When all else fails, have a SODA (Stop, Observe, Decide, and Act)

AHA! #7 – Withholding judgment allows me to observe what is

AHA! #8 – The nicer I am to myself, the nicer I am to others

AHA! #9 – A simple apology works wonders

AHA! # 10 – The less I talk, the more I learn

I liked this book. I have been in the business of customer service since I started working my first official job when I was sixteen. All in different forms of customer service from …retail to phone. There have been many times when I would go home stressed out and take it out on my husband and not meaning too. I would try taking bathes, reading or watching television to calm down and sometimes it would help for a little while and then I would get that one really challenging phone call or customer and I would lose it again.

Barbara presents how to apply her tips by writing a story about Isabel. Isabel is a mother and she owes for a electric company. Isabel loves helping people but try as she may; she ends up yelling at the customer every time they yell at her. Isabel asks her mentor Olivia how she stays so clam and cool headed. Olivia applies the tips Barbara shares in the Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey. Soon Isabel is loving her job and so can you with this handy book.


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