The Duty of Love

Charles and Tanya are your typical brother and sister duo. They like to tease each other, play together and care for one another. Sadly, Charles and Tanya are anything but happy. Charles is suffering from depression and Tanya is dying from a mysterious illness. The one thing that keeps their minds off of these things is their father’s great talent at story telling.

Charles and Tanya’s father tells them the story about Prince Cha Cha and Princess Ta Ta and the evil wizard of Fandon. This wizard is unique as he has a rat named Typhus, who lives in his hair. The rat is the wizard’s trademark. Being evil, you won’t think the first thing on a wizard’s mind would be about finding a damsel to spend his time with. The wizard turns his rat into a human, so that the rat can spy on the damsels in order to learn what they think of the wizard. Princess Ta Ta tries to warn people that there is someone who wants to take over the kingdom. Will anyone listen before it is too late?

I thought that this was an alright book. From all the other reviews I read, it seems that I am alone in not thinking this book was great. The only reason I can’t give this book my full approval is because while I was teleported into a vivid world filled with interesting characters, an evil wizard and a princess and a prince, the book for me moved along slowly. There was a point where I even put this book down and walked away from it for a while. Though, the thing I did treasure the most was the relationship between Charles and his sister, Tanya. Charles really cared for his sister and would do anything for her, even take away her pain if he could. Young adult readers would enjoy this book. It did remind me some of a fairy tale mixed with C. S. Lewis with a touch of Harry Potter


Book Dilettante said…
I like children's fantasy such as those by C.S. Lewis, but couldn't get into this one.
Cheryl said…
Book Dilettante - I was so mixed on this book. It sounded really good but like I mentioned it seemed that I was scoring this book way lowerer then everyone else. Glad to hear I am not alone
Anonymous said…
nice post. thanks.

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