See How Much I Love You

When Montse and Santiago were just teenagers, they met…fell in love and Montse became pregnant. Many years later, Montse a doctor is treating a patient when she discovers that Santiago, the man who she believed had died was far from dead. In fact he was very much alive. Montse has still held a spark for Santiago, even after he left her. She decides to embark on a trip to locate Santiago.

I thought this was an alright book. The love story that was portrayed between Montse and Santiago, I though kind of took second place to the war between the Saharawi and the Moroccans. As far this book goes I liked the authenticity that Mr. Leante brought. I could tell he did his research by the footnotes inserted in this book. They were informative. Sadly, though I didn’t connect with Montse and Santiago, which in turn was really the glue that held this book together. So when I didn’t connect with Montse and Santiago, I didn’t really have much interest. Though, I did finish this book because I did find the story line pretty good.


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