Please Deliver Us from Evil

U.S. Marshall Roark Holland still has nightmares about Mindy, The little girl that he let down. He was supposed to protect her. This time he has a second chance at redemption. His latest mission is to transport a heart to a key witness, who has heart disease and will die without a new heart.

Brannon Callahan is tasked with the job of flying Roark and the heart safely to their destination. When the chopper goes down, leaving Brannon and Roark stranded, they will have to work together if they want to live.

Mai has no clue where she is. All she knows is that there are some very bad people, who want her to do bad things. Child trafficking is illegal. To find out if Roark, Brannon and Mai survive, then you need to pick up a copy of this book.

Wow…Deliver Us from Evil will have you talking about this book for a long while to come. This book started out with a big punch of adrenaline and didn’t let up till the last page! Roark and Brannon are both very strong, independent characters. I thought they will not work well together; they will end up butting heads. I was wrong as they make a great pair. There were really like two stories going on at the same time…the one with Roark and Brannon and the one of Mai and the other girls. What made this book so good is that the characters were engaging as well as the fact Deliver Us from Evil touched on a topic that is so powerful and sad that it makes you cheer for the good guys to win. I hope to deliver me some more of Robin Caroll and her books.


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