Thursday Night Widows

Virginia is worried about her son, Juani. She believes that he is getting into trouble. She keeps finding reasons to go into his bedroom, hoping to find what…she doesn’t know. Virginia’s husband, Ronie comes home early. Virginia was in the kitchen when she heard a shout and a loud thud. She goes outside to find Ronie, lying on the ground with his leg broken. As they are driving to the hospital, Ronie sounds for Virginia to take him to El Tano.

Teresa Scaglia returns home late from her night out. She finds champagne glasses everywhere, and her husband’s two friends, Gustavo Masotta and Martin Urovich
SUVs in the driveway but no sign of any of them. Unfortunately, in the morning, Teresa will discover her husband, Gustavo and Martin’s bodies at the bottom of their swimming pool.

I really liked how this book started out. It came right up in my face and grabbed me. The adrenaline rush I felt was short lived. I couldn’t find a connection with any of the characters. They lived in their own world. I found the way they reacted to situations a bit over the top. I mean the situations were real but here is an example… Virginia and Ronie’s son, Juani smoked some pot and who knows if it still did not but just because he did it once, he was now on “The List”. A list of kids who do drugs.

One of the other things that I didn’t like was the abrupt change in the story. I took my a moment to realize that the beginning was really the end and that the story then started up going back in time to all the events leading up to the bodies. Though, I did like that the last part of the book tied up all the loose ends and explained what happened.


Anonymous said…
I will not concur on it. I regard as nice post. Especially the appellation attracted me to read the intact story.
Mishel said…
Sounds like a bittersweet feeling with a small let down somewhere during the process lol

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