Watch out for the Angel's Den

The year was 1808.

Emma Daring was getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry, dashing Eric Montclaire. Emma realized that Eric didn’t really love her; he just loved the image of having a wife in order to trick people that he was a respectable man.

Luke Bowen receives a letter from Eric offering him a job, accompanying Eric and Emma on a trek as they plan to follow in Lewis and Clark’s foot steps. Due to Luke’s great talent as a cartographer, he would make a nice addition. Luke can’t pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity, despite his father’s disapproval. When Luke discovers what type of man, Eric really is, can he save Emma before it is too late?

Angel’s Den is the second book, I have read by Jamie Carie. Just like the last book, I enjoyed it. I read it in one sitting. Mrs. Carie evenly balances the gospel of the Bible in her stories. I instantly felt a dislike for Eric. He is a monster. I felt sorry for Emma. It was nice to see that she grew stronger and keep her faith through the whole ordeal. Luke Bowen was Emma’s guardian angel. This book had both good characters and an even better story line. I want more Jamie Carie.


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