Our Hart

Our Hart is the long awaited sequel to My Splendid Concubine by author, Lloyd Lofthouse. It continues on with Inspector General Sir Robert Hart’s life and job in China till his retirement in the early nineteen hundreds. Robert can’t get over the death of Shao-mei. Though, luckily for Robert, he has Ayaou, his other concubine and his loyal servant Guan-jiah to keep him company. Every time that Robert got promoted and had to move, he made sure that Ayaou and Guan-jiah accompanied him. Partly, this was because Robert feared that Payne Hollister would track him down and take Ayaou away from him like he did Shao-mei.

I found it intriguing all the events that took places while Sir Robert Hart was in China. He did play a very instrumental part in helping China and preserving their dynasty. The relationship that Robert and Ayaou shared was both a sad and a loving one. Sad because Robert never married Ayaou. She would always be thought of to others as his concubine but she was much more then a concubine. She was Robert’s strength. Mr. Lofthouse has done a wonderful job bring to life Sir Robert Hart. A person who I knew nothing about till reading these novels. After finishing these books, I feel that Mr. Lofthouse can not write a bad book. Everything he writes is gold. I anxiously await to see what Mr. Lofthouse writes next.


Kaye said…
I loved Splendid Concubine and his Our Hart still tbr. I hope to get to it real soon. I'm happy to see that you liked it so much. Great review!

have a wonderful week and happy reading.
Linda Jacobs said…
I think I'll have to go back and read the frist one before this one. They sound good!

Thankd for the great review!
The Teacher said…
Thank you for the review. I sent the converted documents for "Our Hart" to the printer this morning. If the production process goes smoothly, "Our Hart" should be out in a week or two.

If you check "Our Hart's" Website, you will notice subtle changes to the cover. I uploaded an image of the final cover this morning.


Lloyd Lofthouse
The Teacher said…
Better Late Than Never

Our Hart, Elegy for a Concubine was posted on Amazon.com today. It was scheduled to release in January 2010


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