Here comes Demon's Bane

Senn Morel comes from very powerful parents. Both his father and his mother, Lich have great magic. Senn has waited a long time to grow into his powers. Senn can’t wait to do big things with his magic instead of the little things, as he learns how to control and use his gift. His mother tells him to be patient.

Demons have invaded Senn’s world but they haven’t attacked in a while till now. Senn, his mother and others try to defend themselves but they are no match against the demons. The demons possess Lich and take off with her.

Senn accompanied with a group of others travel across the lands to help Senn rescue his mother and rid the land of Kartus from the demons.

I have to admit that there were parts in this book where I wanted the story to move a little faster. I couldn’t figure out why at first till I went back through the book and realized that it was the details. While they were good, there was just so much explanation to everything which I didn’t feel like I needed so much to enjoy the story. Also, I didn’t really connect with all the characters. This is because for me, it seemed that Senn stole the show. He was engaging, charming, brave. Plus it was nice to get to see him grow stronger with magic as the story progressed. Mr. Douglas I can tell does have a flair for good story telling. He did transport me to a world filled with demons and magic in Demon’s Bane.


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