The Scholar of Moab

Review by Nancy If you’re looking for a book full of conundrums, you’ll find in The Scholar of Moab by Steven L Peck. Through “letters” and “diaries” and conversations with the characters, Peck creates the world of Hyrum Thayne and his circle of friends. The setting is Moab, Utah, a beautiful part of the world if you haven’t been there and a bit of a town of revolution if you have. Hyrum isn’t a scholar buy any means but sure would like to be. If we read his diaries that is the one thing that shines thorugh – Hyrum is working hard at scholarly things. He “borrows” books form the local library. Oh, he does bring them back – eventually. But since they leave under his coat most of the time they aren’t really missed. Then there is Dora Daphne Tanner, possibly Hyrum’s lover (which would make him the father of her baby – which she lost in the brush {maybe}). His friends the conjoined Babcock twins witnessed the birth and rode looking for the mother and child when Dora took off. The twins are scholars in their own right and the letters they send the “Redactor” of the tale are quite interesting. The thought of them riding the range is as well. This is one odd story but it catches you up in 1970’s Moab and you want to give it up once on a while but you can’t because – well, because you HAVE to know the end.


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