Judging a Book by Its Lover

I picked up this book because the premise of it and the book cover got my attention. Also, I am always in the mood for a good laugh or two. Well I have to say that there were a few moments when I did laugh but not at much as I had hoped. I was looking for the kinds of laughs that would have me wanting to read the lines over again and almost have tears of laughter. This did not happen for me. This was a bummer. Just like with some of the readers, I bounced around in this book.

However, I did pick up a few interesting tips from this book like for example for any non readers who are trying to sound smart and impress a true reader…Don’t mention that you are planning to pick up a copy of any of the latest top ten best sellers or a book that has recently been turned into a movie. Of course, if you were really smart of happened to pick up a copy of this book, then you could always flash forward to the chapter “How to Fake It”. It teaches you how to “fake” reading some of the classic authors, without having really read them.

Another chapter that I like was “Stereotyping people by favorite author”.

For example:

Stephanie Meyer…People who type like this “OMG. Mah fAvvv <3>
J.K. Rowling…Smart geeks

Jodi Picoult… Your mom when she’s at her time of the month

David Foster Wallace…Confirmed nineties literati

Dan Brown…People who used to get lost in supermarkets when they were kids

Emily Giffin…Women who give their boyfriends marriage ultimatums

James Patterson…Men who score a 153 on their LSAT exam

George Orwell…Conspiracy theorists

F. Scott Fitzgerald…People who get adjustable-rate mortgages

Alice Sebold…People who liked Gilmore Girls-even the first season

The Brothers Grimm…Only children with Oedipal complexes

Tom Clancy…People who skipped gym by hiding under the bleachers

Overall, this book is a conversation piece.


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