The Girl in the Wall

It is Ariel’s birthday party or I should say birthday bash. The bash is going to be huge with guest singer, Hudson Winter.

Ariel used to be Sera’s best friend until she turned the whole school against Sera. Sera’s father convinces Sera to attend Ariel’s bash. All of the partygoers get a big surprise when a group of mercenaries take over the house and hold Sera and her classmates’ hostiles. Ariel goes into hiding in the hidden stairwell. The mercenaries demand Ariel or they will shoot everyone until she appears. The only person that knows where Ariel is hiding is Sera. Will Sera give up Ariel?

Daphne Benedis-Grab is a new to me author. So I did not know what she brought to the table in regards to young adult books. Well after reading The Girl in the Wall, I would say that Daphne brings action, relatable characters, and an author that I want to read again.

While there was no mystery as to who was behind the crime, there was plenty of action. To keep my interest and the hype high. For me this book was all about the characters. I thought the alternating voices of Ariel and Sera was nicely done and flowed well. In the beginning I did think that Ariel was stuck up and I did not like her but as the story progressed, I felt for Ariel and she did dig deep to find strength and by the end I liked her. Sera and Hudson were cool. I applaud Sera for hanging tough and making a difficult decision after what Ariel did to Sera. Also, while I liked the spark that Hudson and Sera shared, I just felt like I could have done without it and the book still would have been good for me. Overall, I had a good time reading this book.


rose doris said…
This book is about the personalties and change in each and every human being. What Ariel does defines her personality and what Sara does tells about her personality.

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