A Seal at Heart

Review by Nancy

Somehow, it was all his fault. His best friend, his swim buddy Don, dead. He got them out. Alive or not because you never leave anyone behind. He has a heck of a scar on the back of his head to prove he was injured. So why can’t he remember what happened? His life as a SEAL depends on his remembering. Hell, his LIFE depends on it!

After playing psycho babble for a few days, Jack decides to try something different. He’d met a lovely lady at a party – a physical therapist – maybe she can help him remember. Or somethin’. …Laurie on the other hand is dedicated to her profession and one rule she has held to her whole life. Do NOT date a Navy Seal. Her dad was one and she saw how he ended up. So, nope.

As it turns out, Laurie is able to help with massage, acupressure, etc. Which is good because they are so drawn to each other it’s ridiculous. Jack’s memory is returning bit by bit but there is a real question to be answered – does everyone involved in the Op want it to? There’s the problem.

An excellent romantic tale with a gripping memory issue to hold it together. Ann Elizabeth can write a great steamy scene as well…..You’ll love it.


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