I was contacted by TJ Dietderich with Planned Television Arts to see if I would be interested in reading Aberrations. When I read the the book summary and found out this book is about a woman named Angel Duet who has narcolepsy, I thought that sounds intriguing. Thank you TJ for letting me read Aberrations.

Read my review.

Angel Duet and her father, Frank has had a good relationship all their lives. That is till Angel learns her father has been lying to her all those years about her mother Betty Lou. Plus it doesn’t help any that Angel is dealing with narcolepsy as well as her dad’s new girlfriend, Carla moving in. Angel doesn’t like Carla. The first thing Carla does when she moves in with her and her dad is to take down all the pictures of Betty Lou. While Angel tries to make sense of all the things happening around her, she won’t be alone. She will have her two friends from her cotton picking job. They are Tim, a gay guy who likes to party and Kimmy, a twenty-something virgin who lives in a trailer park. As well as one other person who cares for Angel a lot. His name is Mac; he is a doctor as well as married. Read Aberrations as Angel tries to reveal the truth about who her mother is but be warned as the saying goes “The truth shall set you free”.

Let me first off start by saying what a delightful treat Aberrations was. I do have to admit though that I do not know much on the subject matter of narcolepsy. I know that it is a sleeping disorder but I didn’t realize all the symptoms a person has to deal with. So on that note I found Angel to be a very strong and brave woman despite the circumstances she has to deal with when she learns her father has lied to her. Ms. Penelope Przekop’s Aberrations was a very well-written as well as thought out book. Penelope Przekop really did her homework on narcolepsy. I appreciate an author who does their research whether it is fiction or non fiction as I than find the story to become more real and to draw me in more. Aberrations was my first book by this author but I can honesty say I would check out other books by Penelope Przekop .

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Julie P. said…
Wow! What a unique concept for a book! Good review.
The Bookworm said…
Sounds very interesting, I like the cover.
Anonymous said…
I know a tad bit about the subject, but that's all. Great review!
Anonymous said…

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