Review Opp 3- Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now

LOS ANGELES - August 16, 2010 - Local playwright Jean Blasiar has eight full-length

productions in the Los Angeles area, one of which was optioned by Twentieth Century Fox for a pilot. A tomboy at heart, Mrs. Blasiar turned her writing talent to penning a Tween detective series set in the innocence of 1950's Ohio.

In Volume 2, Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now , teen detectives Emmy Budd and her friend, T.J. Blake can't help but notice the ominous, black sedan rolling down main-street on a Sunday afternoon. When the drug store blows up in the middle of the night, Emmy and T.J. suspect foul play. Working together, they uncover clues leading to an illicit pharmaceutical operation.

Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now is Ms. Blasiar's follow up to her award-winning debut novel, Emmy Budd and the Hijacked Train (Charles River Press, April 21, 2010). Emmy
Budd and the Hijacked Train won Best Children's Fiction at the 2010 Hollywood Book
Festival. Mrs. Blasiar accepted the award on July 23, 2010 during a ceremony held at the historic Roosevelt Hotel, home of the Oscars.

Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now is the second of five mysteries contracted by Massachusetts publisher, Charles River Press.

About the book:

Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now by Jean Blasiar

ISBN: 978-1936185148

Publisher: Charles River Press

Date of publish: July 30, 2010

Pages: 130

S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:

Mrs. Blasiar resides in Southern California where she is writing her seventh Emmy novel:Emmy Budd, Now You See Me.

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