Review Opp 2-: The Tales & Salvation of a Proverbs 5 Woman

High Heels, Honey Lips & White Powder: The Tales & Salvation of a Proverbs 5 Woman

A tale of salvation of one woman - and shows how by falling in love with Jesus saved her -and can save others.

McComb, MS - Aug 16, 2010 - Rose Anding's heart-felt and emotional words pour out onto the pages as we are led through her lifetime of good and bad choices. You'll find yourself exhausted from the speed that her stories unfold.

"The morning my name appeared on the front page of the Washington Post, the nightmare began."

What can you say about a woman who used cocaine regularly, and even the night before she entered a treatment center-at AGE 68? Addiction, seduction, lies, infidelity, domestic violence, and suicide attempts-the devil brought all this and more into the life of "Maria McCarthy," a Proverbs 5 woman, a harlot! She lived a life that thankfully most of us only read about.

Flirtation and the games of deception as a Proverb 5 woman had no boundaries-and when in the late '80s she met Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, D.C.-everything she did was crazy.

Because she had come to respect him as a political leader, she would not testify against Barry when named in the very public cocaine-use case against him. Thus Anding served 30 days in jail, much of it in Washington, DC, where she lived in the midst of very troubled people. The deplorable conditions still haunt her.

Rose "Maria McCarthy" Anding flirted with disaster that took its toll, but finally 25years of living in the dark shadows at life's back door caused this Proverbs 5 woman to seek help.

ALL PROCEEDS: EL Foundation, established by the author, will receive the benefits from all book sales. This foundation is funding The Rose House, a FREE center for men and women who have addictions.

About the book:

High Heels, Honey Lips and White Powder by Rose Anding

ISBN: 978-1616633608

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Date of publish: August 10, 2010

Pages: 253

S.R.P.: $14.99

About the author:

Minister Rose Anding counsels drug users, and is an anointed inspirational speaker for seminars/workshops, keynotes and other talks to be given at schools, women's day programs,substance abuse centers, and book clubs, as well as for businesses and organizations.

Rose "Maria McCarthy" Anding, now known only as Rose Anding, has thrown aside the Maria McCarthy name she was known by during those years living and hiding out on the other side of goodness.

Born in Mississippi during the late 1930s, she was one of eight Simmons children of hardworking parents. Her father later became a minister and started two churches, and her mother was a God-fearing church lady.

Now clean of any addictions (except the desire to help others) she is happily married to Josh Anding. Earlier husbands were unfaithful, and one was even very abusive, leading to her attempt at suicide.

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