You will easily fall in love with Season of Water and Ice.

Fourteen year old Danny DeWitt and his father are renting a cabin in Michigan outside of the Manistee National Forest. Danny’s father is a traveling salesman. He sells power tools. Danny’s mother did not come with Danny and his father. She choose to stay behind. The last conversation Danny had with her on the phone, she said she would join them once his father finished building their house in the city as she hated the country. Danny’s father travels a lot, thus leaving Danny by himself most of the time.

Danny ends up forming a friendship with Amber, the girl next door. Amber is pregnant. Danny quickly grows up from a young boy to a young man. Though what will Danny do when Wayne, Amber’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child comes back into the picture. One thing is for sure…Danny will never forget the summer of 1957.

Season of Water and Ice is an instantaneous winner! I can see how this book was named a Midwest Book Winner. Mr. Lystra reminded me of authors, John Hart and Michael Baron. Both really good authors. Mr. Lystra definitely deserves to be in this ranking.

Danny was such a warm, caring soul. He was so wise beyond his fourteen years. I was sad for Amber. She made one mistake that would change her life forever. Luckily she had Danny to lean on for support. You will easily fall in love with Season of Water and Ice.

Just think…what Mr. Lystra’s next novel will be like. I am sure it will be a winner like his debut novel, Season of Water and Ice. I will be keeping an eye on Mr. Lystra.


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