The Unexpected Son is an expected winner!

Vinita Patil left Mumbai, India a long time ago. She is happily married now and has a daughter. They live in America. Vinita didn’t really leave India on good terms. So she could not imagine why someone would be sending her a letter from Mumbai. The letter says that Vinita’s son, Rohit has Myeloid leukemia and needs a donor. First it is a shock that Vinita’s son has Myeloid leukemia but the bigger surprise is that Vinita didn’t know that she had a son.

Vinita had just finished dancing at the college gala. Back stage, Vinita hears a male voice. She turns and it is Somesh Kori. He is the guy that all the ladies want to date. Vinita and Som date. Vinita becomes pregnant. To both her family and Som’s disapproval. Som offers to pay Vinita to have an abortion. Vinita is stubborn and gives birth to a son, though her family tells Vinita that he was born stillborn.

This letter tears Vinita and her husband apart. She never told her husband that she gave born to a child. Rohit believes that Vinita discarded him. Can Vinita find a way back into both her husband and her son’s hearts?

The Unexpected Son is the fourth book from author, Shobhan Bantwal. This book just cemented my love for Mrs. Bantwal. As if I needed any more of a reason to rave. I was already a fan before this book. Mrs. Bantwal brings to life the world of India like no one else can. I felt both sadness and happiness for Vinita and Rohit. Sadness that she missed growing up with him and Vinita wanted him so bad but happy that they were able to reconnect.

For anyone who has not discovered Shobhan Bantwal and her books, then you had better head to the nearest book store or online store and order her books today. You won’t be sorry you did, only sorry you didn’t try her sooner. The Unexpected Son is an expected winner!


A Musing Mother said…
I am sad. I did not know about this book for review.

When I grow up, I want to be like you.
I really enjoyed The Sari Shop Widow and I just saw the cover of The Unexpected Son a few days ago. I really liked the sound of it and I'm so glad to hear it was a winner for you!!
Cheryl said…
A Musing Mother - I hope you pick up a copy of this book to read.

Mishel - Yeah, I liked The Sari Shp Widow too. I just love the book covers for this authors books.

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