Come meet Lucy

Jenny Lowe is deep in the jungle of Congo. She is studying the bonobos apes. Jenny is not the only one whom is studying the apes. Donald Stone, British researcher and his fifteen year old daughter, Lucy are also in Congo.

Jenny awakes to hear gun shots. She takes off running through the jungle towards Dr. Stone’s encampment. There Jenny finds Dr. Stone dead. Jenny rescues Lucy and takes her back to London. Jenny starts to notice something is slightly different about Lucy. It isn’t anything really big but just little things like the way Lucy eats her banana, doesn’t understand the concept of clothing, or how to communicate. Jenny learns the truth about Lucy. What Jenny does with this information can change the world and evolution.

Lucy is the first novel I have read by this author. I can say without an absolute shadow of a doubt that I will be checking out more books by Mr. Gonzales. This book had elements of the movie, Congo. This book is something I could picture paying money to go see in the movie theaters. Mr. Gonzales really brings to life, Jenny and Lucy. Right from the beginning I was sucked into this book and found that I could literally not tear myself away from this book. I was in the zone and nothing could distract me. It was interesting to see everything from Lucy’s point of view. If you love sci fi novels or are just looking for something new and refreshing from vampires, werewolves and demons then you have to pick up a copy of Lucy. You won’t be sorry.


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