The Panic Zone equals a must read!

Emma Lane, her husband Joe and their son Tyler are on vacation. Everything was going along just fine, when suddenly an oncoming truck has a head on collision with them. The last thing Emma remembers before waking up in the hospital is seeing someone take Tyler. Emma insists that Tyler is alive but everyone around her thinks she is crazy. Emma starts to doubt herself, when she receives a mysterious phone call where the caller tells her that Tyler is alive.

Meanwhile in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a bombing takes places, killing two reporters. World Press Alliance reporter Jack Gannon is sent to the scene to find out the truth about his fellow reporters. At first Jack believes the bombing is the job of drug gangs but quickly dismisses the idea, when he learns what his fellow reporters were working on. Jack’s investigation leads him down a path of no return.

The Salida del Sol cruise liner is heading towards the Florida coast. One of the passengers on the liner suddenly drops dead of a horrific death. The passenger was bleeding from every pore of his body. Before the doctor can figure out the cause of death, another passenger dies. What is happening to the passengers of Salida del Sol is beyond your worst nightmares.

The Panic Zone is the latest Jack Gannon thriller from Mr. Mofina. Mr. Mofina really knows how to crank up the intensity. I really like the Jack Gannon novels. Thus far, I have not been disappointed. Jack was the main focal point in this story. Jack is one tough cookie. No matter how many times you kick him, you can’t keep him down. The moments when Jack was involved was full of high octane. Emma was also strong in face of adversity. I felt for Emma and was rooting for her. The things that were happening to the passengers of Salida del Sol was like something from the X-Files. It was creepy and scary.

There were many other secondary and minor characters in this book. Each new character brings a new layer to the story. If you have never read a Rick Mofina novel then you are missing out on something spectacular. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of The Panic Zone today. You have nothing to lose but time getting lost in this book.


Marce said…
I have heard great things about this one, have added to my Wishlist.

Great review

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