She's Gone Country

Shey Darcy has just become a single mother of three boys. Her husband of seventeen years has decided to quit beating around the bush and finally declare that he likes men. Shey packs up her and her three sons and moves back to Parkfield, Texas. Population sixty seven. As if Shey doesn’t have enough to worry about trying to raise her sons, she now has to deal with her mother. Plus, Shey is constantly arguing with her sons.

Like they always say…trouble usually comes in threes. Don’t know what that really says about Dane Kelly. Dane is an ex champion bull rider and the guy Shey used to be in love with. Will second chances for Dane and Shey spell happy ending or heartache?

She’s Gone Country is a one seat read. She’s Gone Country will have you two stepping to the nearest book store for more Jane Porter. I like that Shey was an independent woman. She could have just threw up her hands and been defeated but she didn’t. She makes a new life for her sons and herself. This was hard to do with her meddling mother and brothers. The town of Parkfield may be fictional but the people there made me want to visit it. I could see why Shey fell in love with Dane. He is good looking and the type of guy I picture when I think bull riding. She’s Gone Country is just what I needed to escape a rainy afternoon.


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