The Bishop equals great fun

A woman and two cops are dead. Then college student, Twana Summie is found mauled to death by some primates at The Gunderson Foundation Primate Research Center. Lastly, Congressman Fischer’s daughter Mollie is missing and feared dead as well.

FBI Special Agent Patrick Bower is called on the case. Bowers may have met his match with this case. It appears that every time that Bowers gets close to the killers, he misses them. Bowers wants to put a stop to the killers but can he before the body count keeps rising?

The Bishop is book four of the Bower Files. This book just happens to be my first introduction to Mr. James’s work. I can tell you that after reading this book, I have found myself a new favorite mystery/thriller author. The cat and mouse tug of war action that was going on in this book was the best. The suspense of whether Bowers would win or the killers could out wit him had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through this book until the very last word. The murder scenes are a bit graphic, so if you have a weak stomach then be warned. There is no secret about who the killers are. It was just gripping fun to see how close the killers got to Bowers without him knowing or so they thought. It has been a long time, since I associated the word fun with reading. This says a lot about this book and Mr. James. Like the title suggests…this book was a game of skill and wit. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book, The Queen.


Mystica said…
I like mystery murders and I like these titles even better! Thanks for this.

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