Starting from Scratch will warm you up like…Grandma’s hot apple pie!

Olivia Tschetter should be celebrating. She has just defended her doctoral dissertation. Unfortunately, her mother was reaching for something in the kitchen and fall. Two days later, her mother died. Instead of heading back to school, Olivia has found solace in cooking and baking all of her mother’s favorite recipes. Her family though is worried about Olivia. Olivia tries to assure her family that she is alright but it is hard when they keep treating her like a child.

Olivia goes to fill in temporary for her sister, Annie at Meals on Wheels. Olivia ends up staying on, helping with the computer and delivering meals. Olivia makes new friends. Olivia also ends up writing an advice column like her mother used to. Though this journey, Olivia learns more about whom her mother was and who Olivia wants to be.

Starting from Scratch will warm you up like…Grandma’s hot apple pie! Olivia won my heart over. She was so sweet, full of personality and charming. You couldn’t help but like her. Olivia and her family grew closer through the course of this book. This book could have been sad but instead it was light-hearted and a plain old good read. Everyone, I met in this book I liked. The recipes inserted throughout this book were an added bonus. There were recipes for things like Chocolate Puddle (cake cooked in a cast iron skillet), Greek Egg-Lemon Soup, and Late Night Fried Spaghetti to name a few. I can’t wait to see what author; Susan M. Gilbert-Collins comes out with next.


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