Watch out for City of Veils

A woman’s body has been found. Detective Osama Ibrahim is called in. At first Detective Ibrahim thinks the murder is nothing new and will become a cold case. At second glance, Detective Ibrahim realizes this case is special, especially when the dead woman is found wearing a heavy metal t-shirt. This is not common attire for a Saudia Arabia woman. Detective Ibrahim does learn the identity of the woman. Her name is Leila and she was filming a documentary about the lives of women in Saudia Arabia.

Medical examiner, Katya is in charge. She feels for Leila and wants to find out what happened to her. Katya calls on an old friend, Nayir. Katya and Nayir worked together on a previous case.

Miriam Walker is returning to Saudi Arabia to be with her husband, Eric. Miriam and Eric are some what estranged. Miriam has only been back a few days when Eric goes missing.

Could there be a connection between Leila’s murder and Eric’s disappearance?

City of Veils is the first book I have read by this author. It didn’t take me long to really get into this book. When I was reading this book, everything else around me kind of disappeared. I was transported into this story. I felt the anguish of being in a new place with no one to relay on with Miriam and the mystery and intrigue surrounding Leila death as Katya and Nayir uncovered the truth. There were things mentioned that transpired in the prior novel, Finding Nouf between Katya and Nayir that had me intrigued. Not that I needed an excuse to go back and read the first book after finishing this one but now I have extra motivation to want to read Finding Nouf. This story took me all across the desert and into the lives of the people who live in Saudia Arabia. Zoe Ferraris is a wonderful story teller. Mystery fans need to check this author out.


Anonymous said…
Added Finding Nouf to my to-read list, only because I like to start series at the beginning. This sounds fascinating.

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