Holly's Inbox:Scandal in the City

Holly Denham has finally gotten the hang of things as a receptionist at DKHuerst. In addition, Holly has a good looking boyfriend, Toby. Holly is applying for the Front of House Manager position. It won’t be easy. What with overbooking of meeting rooms, not ordering enough food, and the higher management wanting to make trouble for Holly. Also, what is up with Toby? Lately, he has been acting distant towards Holly. Luckily for Holly, she has her friends to distract her.

Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City brings back all of my favorite characters…Holly, Claire, Jason, Aisha, Toby, and Trisha. I absolutely love these books. It doesn’t matter how thick these books are…I just gobble them up. If you thought things would be different from the first book then you would be wrong. I think things got a whole lot crazier from last time. There are so many hilarious moments that I can’t pick just one from…Holly’s notes to herself, her conversations with Jason, Trisha and Holly’s gossiping. Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City is a combination of Friends and Sex in the City all rolled up into one! Pick up a copy of this book and start laughing tears of joy.


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