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The StudyTrain: Reunion of the Untouchables

Dubai, UAE - August 11, 2010 - Author Kurt Frenier announces his first YA fantasy novel, The StudyTrain.

Talk about a field trip! This fantasy adventure takes young readers along on a ride aboard a magical flying train, called The StudyTrain, built 500 years ago in the time of Master Magician Mikhail Pilkington III.

The magical vehicle was designed to show teenagers the world, and turn them into wizened and peaceful leaders. When a Swiss boy named Ethan is invited aboard, he discovers the wonders of The StudyTrain, and gets confronted with an ancient and evil alliance called The Untouchables. They see in him the qualities needed to emerge as their longawaited leader.

Ethan's intrigue and hunger for knowledge and power makes him learn all their secrets, magic, and sorcery. Within this web of discovery, he also meets his dark side . which side will he choose?
This remarkable story about facing challenges will gather you onboard and take you for the ride of a lifetime!

About the book:

The StudyTrain: Reunion of the Untouchables by Kurt Frenier

ISBN: 978-1609118846

Publisher: Eloquent Books

Date of publish: July 12, 2010

Pages: 130

S.R.P.: $10.95

About the author:

Born in Belgium, Kurt Frenier is a senior director at Pepsi Cola, and the author of children's and young adult books. He lives in Dubai with his wife, Sanne, and two daughters, Julia and Emilie. The StudyTrain is his first English-language young adult book.

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