Over the Holidays

My review:
Vanessa Clayton and her husband, JT are struggling a little this holiday season. So they have decided to not travel to his sister’s place for Christmas but instead stay home and celebrate with their twin boys.

Every year Patrice holds an open house and decks out everything for the holidays. She goes a little over board. This year her family stands up and says…enough. Since no one is coming for the holidays, Patrice and her family decide to go to them. They pack up and head to California for Christmas. Though there won’t be any white Christmases this year.

To be honest, I didn’t really care for this book. I didn’t find any common ground with which I could relate to the characters. This in turn caused me to lose interest quickly. Besides, the fact that I found most of the characters to be really whiny and self absorbed in their own problems. Vanessa had this attitude against her sister-in-law. I mean I could see why but I felt like it was Christmas and everyone should try to put their differences aside for one time and enjoy each other’s company. For fans of chick-lit you might like this book. Sadly to say that Over the Holidays did not win me over.


I have my holiday books picked out to read but I am not quite there yet to read them!

Linda Jacobs said…
I'm sure this wouldn't be my kind of book either! I hate reading about Christmas and even the thought that it is only 2 months away is giving me heart palpitations. We always end up having a blast when my kids come home but the preparations floor me!
The Bookworm said…
awwww...that cover is too cute!
sorry to hear you didnt enjoy the book.

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