Hellbound Hearts

What better way to start out October than with an new anthology of best selling authors in Hellbound Hearts.

My Review:

Hellbound Hearts is an anthology of some of the best new authors to grace the horror world today. Each of the various stories featured in this anthology share a common goal...they bring the familiar feel and goriness that won over many fans of "Pinhead" in the HellRaiser franchise. Beware things that go bump in the night as these stories will give you nightmares and just may make you scream for more!

With this anthology, I got to experience many new authors and some old ones as well. While I enjoyed most of these stories, there were some that I either skimmed over or didn't read at all. I do have to say that after reading this anthology, I didn't realize just how twisted a mind these authors had. Horror fans will like this book. Pick and choose the stories you want to read or read them all. It doesn't matter as you Hellbound Hearts will have your heart racing out of sheer terror.


Haha your comment about how twisted an author's mind could be made me laugh. I have this on my TBR list but I'm not a true horror fan so I don't know how well it will sit with me.
Cheryl said…
Mishel- Glad I could make you laugh. I would suggest seeing if your library has this book.

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