Spoon me up some more!

I want to thank Erin for letting me be a part of this book blog tour.

My review:

TJ Darley was heading back to his parents ranch, the Willow Creek Ranch in Montana, when he came upon Arcus Witherspoon aka Spoon. Spoon was walking along the highway with nothing but a cowboy hat and no boots. TJ asked Spoon about his lack of foot wear and all Spoon said was that shoes can be excess baggage when a man is in a hurry.

Spoon was heading to Ohio to find his roots. TJ offered up Spoon a job as a hired hand on his family’s ranch. Spoon took him up on his offer. TJ’s father used to have a great sense of humor but after the death of TJ's brother, Jimmy, his father changed. Jimmy died when he was just fifteen years old. He was trying to swim across Willow Creek ad drowned. Spoon may seem like a nice guy but he has a spotted past.

This is the first book I have read by this author. Spoon remembers me of the Wild West. Mr. Greer had such a great talent for story telling. There was something about this book that instantly transported me back to a time where honor, family and standing up for yourself meant something. All, I have to say is, Spoon me up some more. You couldn’t help but fall in love with Spoon. What with his quiet demeanor and special talents. He would surprise you. You never knew what Spoon would do next. He is what the west is all about. TJ Daley and his family were good as well. I plan to check out Mr. Greer’s CJ Floyd mysteries.


Becky LeJeune said…
I really loved this book. It's not at all the kind of thing that I normally reach for, at least based on first instinct. When I finished reading, though, I realized that I was totally blown away. It was a very smooth and easy read -- I got totally wrapped up in it.

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