The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired

I want to thank author Katherine Miller for sending me a copy of her book to review.

My review:

The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired is a witty, humorous look at the wonderful and scary world of dating. This book hits all the topics from …first dates to relationships to how to tell when to break it off.

Author, Katherine Miller doesn’t shy away from anything in this book. It is more like a fun guide on what not to do if you hope to no longer be single. While, I liked the illustrations and the short chapters, I found myself not laughing as much as I thought or hoped I would. While at times the advice may seem silly, Katherine never promises to be an expert but someone who wants to share what she has observed. I liked that she is honest and up front about this at the very beginning of this book. Though, The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired may not help you find your perfect match, it will hopefully provide you will a few laughs about the whole experience of dating.


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