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I want to thank Tooraj with TK Public Relations for sending me a copy of this book to review as well as Hachette for hosting the giveaway.

My review:

Mitch Samuel has just had the worse day of his life. He was dumped by his girlfriend. Mitch was at home when his girlfriend, Hannah comes walking through the door. You might wonder well I don’t see a problem with his girlfriend coming in? It is a huge problem; when she has just returned from visiting her sister and you were suppose to pick her up at the airport. Next Mitch receives rejection upon rejection on his literary piece for his PhD.

Mitch is ready for something good to start happening to him. He stops off at Bookzilla to pick up a magazine when in rushes a reporter for Channel Five. Mitch asks what all the commotion is about and learns it is because the queen of chick-lit, Katharine Longwell has come to town for a book signing. Mitch picks up a copy of Ms. Longwell’s latest novel. He takes it to the Star Bucks to check it out. A chance meeting with Katherine Longwell has Mitch making up a story about a supposed Cousin Bradjolet “Bradley”. Cousin Bradley wants to be a famous writer like Katherine. Katherine offers to read anything Cousin Bradley has. She gives Mitch her personal cell phone number. It is after Katherine leaves that Mitch comes up with the brilliant idea of writing a chick-lit novel. How hard can it be?

What first drew me to this book was the cover. It jumped out at me. Usually book covers don’t play a big part in my book selection. Then when I read the summary for this book I thought this should be a good, funny, chick-lit story. Unfortunately, something happened and this book totally missed the mark for me. I felt Mitch was a little self-absorbed and a jerk. He is very condescending. This turned me off from Mitch and made me not really want to read the book but I did just so I could see how it ended. One thing is though, I actually didn’t laugh that much. Overall, I give Mr. Begley kudos for trying by making his first novel a chick-lit.

Must be a follower. Open to US and Canada only. No PO Boxes. Contest ends November 3rd.

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Stormi said…
Sorry you didn't like it, but it does sounds interesting..the cover made me laugh..LOL
holdenj said…
It does sound sort of cute. I definitely would have picked it up to look at the store because of the cover, how fun. I follow!
Andrea said…
I really like the cover as well, definitely got my attention. I usually really enjoy chick lit novels and hope I would like this one.
Melissa said…
I follow.

Anonymous said…
I've heard mixed reviews for it.But I'd still like to read it
please enter me in the giveaway

I'm a follower

Jonnie (JB) said…
I think the title is clever. Please enter me
throuthehaze said…
I might like this one. I'm a follower

throuthehaze at gmail dot com
Cheryl said…
Wow, sounds right up my alley. Please enter me to win.

I am a follower
cqueen2 said…
heheh this sounds really good


i'm a follower

wadesherry@hotmail dot com
Belinda M said…
This sounds like a good book and I would love to read it

I follow

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renee said…
I would have picked it up for the cover too. i would like to try to read it,
reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca
flowerchild said…
this book sounds like a great read..please count me in..thanks

i follow

cherdon said…
I think the cover is quite amusing. I know I would have done the same as you and picked up the book because of the cover.

Please enter me. Thanks
Anonymous said…
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